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Your go-to source for expert betting insights on NHL, MLB, CBB, CFB, NFL, and beyond. Join our passionate team as we tackle the latest odds, trends, and strategies to help you win big.

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The Story Behind The Podcast.

The podcast’s journey began with a spark of inspiration from Tyler, a longtime sports radio enthusiast who had always dreamed of starting a podcast. One day, he reached out to Jesse and Michael with a well-crafted vision for the show, setting the stage for a dynamic partnership.

Tyler, with his strong foundation in sports, took the lead in developing the podcast’s direction, while Jesse lent his expertise to the production side of things. Michael, with his extensive sports and betting knowledge, rounded out the original trio, ensuring the podcast would deliver top-tier content every week.

Following a year of success, the team decided to expand, welcoming Ace into the fold. As a passionate New England sports fan, Ace not only adds a fresh perspective to the podcast but also infuses it with a distinct Northeastern vibe. Together, this tight-knit group continues to captivate audiences with their unique insights, engaging discussions, and undeniable chemistry.

About The Podcast.

Hit The Books is a podcast brought to you by Tyler Hufnagel, Michael Mackey, Alex (Ace) Ventura and Jesse Cox. This podcast brings you the whole NFL slate each week with what the guys believe are the best trends and plays of the week. Attempting to bring you all the content you need as quickly and efficiently as possibly, we plan to release each week of the NFL season and beyond. We look forward to having you join us on our journey through the NFL season and playoffs. Beyond the NFL season, the news and games surrounding the NBA, NHL, and College Football and Basketball set to take over the podcast. 

Meet Your Hosts

Tyler “Huf” Hufnagel – A proud West Virginia University (WVU) graduate and former ACHA hockey player, Tyler brings his passion for all things sports to the show. Hailing from Pittsburgh, his love for his hometown’s sports scene runs deep. As a member of the podcast, Tyler provides engaging insights and a unique perspective on various sports topics, while always championing his beloved Pittsburgh teams.


Tyler Hufnagel


Michael “Mackey” Mackey – As a WVU alumnus and former ACHA hockey player, Mackey brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the podcast. Originally from New York, he defies regional allegiances by rooting for the Cowboys and Mets. As a member of the show, Mackey’s love for all sports is evident in his engaging commentary and well-rounded sports analysis.


Michael Mackey


Jesse Cox – With a Penn State degree under his belt and a background in high school hockey, Jesse is a force to be reckoned with on the podcast. Also a native of Pittsburgh, Jesse’s love for sports—especially hockey—is undeniable. As a member of the show, Jesse shares his deep knowledge of Pittsburgh’s sports scene while keeping an eye on the national stage, offering a comprehensive and informed viewpoint.


Jesse Cox


Alex “Ace” Ventura – Ace, a WVU alumnus and former ACHA hockey player, hails from Rhode Island with an undying loyalty to New England sports. As a member of the podcast, Ace offers a unique perspective on the sports world, blending his love for New England teams with a genuine appreciation for all sports. His infectious enthusiasm and keen insights make him an essential voice on the show.


Alex Ventura


Together, Tyler, Jesse, Mackey, and Ace form an unstoppable team, offering a diverse range of perspectives on the sports world. Their passion for their favorite teams, combined with their extensive knowledge and experience in various sports, makes their podcast a must-listen for any sports fan. Don’t miss their lively discussions, expert analyses, and spirited debates that keep audiences coming back for more.