The Great Sports Showdown: Why the NHL Playoffs Should Start Before the NBA Playoffs

The month of April marks the start of two of the most exciting sports playoffs in the United States: the NBA and NHL playoffs. While basketball and hockey fans eagerly anticipate this time of year, there’s an ongoing debate on whether having both playoffs start at the same time is beneficial for either league. In this article, we’ll discuss the potential conflict between the NBA and NHL playoffs and propose a solution to maximize viewership for both leagues. Don’t forget to check out Hit The Books podcast for more sports and sports gambling insights at!

The NBA and NHL playoffs are often running simultaneously, leading to overlapping schedules and high competition for viewership. This can cause conflicts for sports fans who follow both leagues, forcing them to choose between watching one playoff game or the other. Consequently, this split focus may result in decreased viewership for both leagues. Furthermore, with various streaming platforms and TV channels airing playoff games, finding the right balance to accommodate all viewers can be challenging.

To address this issue, I am thinking that the NHL playoffs should start before the NBA playoffs. This would allow hockey fans to fully immerse themselves in the excitement of the NHL playoffs without feeling the pressure to divide their attention between the two leagues. Not only, the NBA does load management, which adds a whole different dynamic to the game compared to the NHL. The NHL is gritty and never stops, allow this to continue and have the NBA Finals have its own spotlight, while also giving the NHL its own spotlight.

By staggering the start dates of the two playoffs, the NHL could potentially experience a boost in viewership as fans can dedicate their full attention to the league. The NBA playoffs, which generally receive higher ratings than the NHL playoffs, would not suffer any significant loss in viewership as a result of this change. Instead, this strategic scheduling would create a more balanced viewership landscape for both leagues.

Moreover, this change in scheduling could attract a broader audience to the NHL playoffs. As the first major playoff event of the year, the NHL playoffs would have the opportunity to draw in casual fans who might not have previously considered watching hockey. This increased exposure could lead to a rise in overall NHL viewership and fan engagement.

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In conclusion, by allowing the NHL playoffs to start before the NBA playoffs, both leagues could benefit from increased viewership and fan engagement. As fans dedicate their full attention to each playoff event, the excitement and enthusiasm for these major sporting events will only continue to grow. Don’t forget to join the conversation and get the latest sports insights by tuning in to the Hit The Books podcast!


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